We at VASHUDHAM works for providinga ultimate luxirious collection of ceramic and porcelian tiles for our customers..

We all know that in today’s increasingly competitive arenas it is essential to not only meet our customer’s expectations but to exceed them. We know that our customer’s experiences will most likely have a great influence on their personal networks and their peers.

We need all the help we can get to achieve and then maintain a very high level of customer service in order to ensure loyalty and positive word-of-mouth promotion.


Nothing was

 done in Rush. We were clear since our inception that VASHUDHAM should lead the way of ceramic industry.
And therefore, arduous efforts were put in at every stage.what we are today is a result of the blood sweat we have invested in our past. We are extremely proud of our fact that today VASHUDHAM is a synonym for ultra fine high quality products. Be it our most advanced technology,our flexible ways of working, professionalism or our ability to build trust amongst our channel partners and customers, all have contributed to what VASHUDHAM is today..



In a rapidly changing environment like the world of today, our main concern is focused on customer satisfaction, offering a wide range of higher quality products with designs that are more in line with the latest trends.

Consequently, we adapt so that we meet the highest demands as well as the new uses and scenarios required by our customers

Our focus is on quality. We implement the strictest tests on our products and processes and we provide tiles that combine the tradition of ceramic with the latest cutting edge development.

We always strive to allow our clients to imagine, create and build the new era of VASHUDHAM...